The Promise

It's been said when I am dead I'll be alone
but I don't mind if I'm in Texas

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"lesser" asian peoples that are important and ignored by most of tumblr bc of chinese japanese and korean pop culture is the only thing about asia western people know about


  • filipino
  • malaysian
  • indonesian
  • indian
  • bengali
  • laotian
  • thai
  • vietnamese
  • singaporean
  • north korean
  • iranian
  • iraqi
  • afghanistani
  • cambodian
  • burmese
  • lebanese
  • taiwanese
  • all indigenous people of all these countries
  • and so many fucking more im just forgetting a lot because there is SO MUCH MORE
  • asian people are not just attractive east asian people
  • asian people are so much more than a couple of countries’ pop cultures

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my tattoo bruised :/

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ok im calling it francis has the best bewbs

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Rina Takeda [x]

look how powerful her legs are

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People don’t come to see freaks of the heat of the day. They come in the evening. When the darkness moves in and speaks of mystery. The unknown. When logic loosen up its vice grip and the imagination comes out to play. The night allows the stars to shine and we come alive.

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